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Preteen Model Pics

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.sex.storiesFrom: an151170anon.penet.fi (...Mercury....)X-Anonymously-To: alt.sex.storiesOrganization: Anonymous forwarding serviceReply-To: an151170anon.penet.fiDate: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 07:29:20 UTCSubject: Dream Rider (M/M)Lines: 446zz To my Preteen Model Pics appreciative public, I bequeath another erotic story...z whether it's good or not, I can't say, because I probably didz not even read it... could be garbage... anyway... I amzz Preteen Model Pics ... M e r c u r y ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz "Is this sodomy?" asked Tom, half in Ernest.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Notes :zz 1. I did not write this story and do not know who did.z 2. If you're a biW/A m/f 18-24 looking for friends, write.z 3. Don't write asking me to email you stories. Fuck off.zDream RiderHitching across the country was something I never thought I'd be doing,but there I was. I was just running around the country, seeing the sights,checking out the nightlife in some of the cities along the way. It had takenme a few years to squirrel away enough money to handle this trip comfortably.With half of the first of four planned weeks already over, I was right onschedule and already leaving Vancouver, my first stop. I would then weave myway across the country to the east coast before heading back home again. It was at about this point that my trip seemed to take on an air ofsurreality; temporarily, at least. I couldn't tell if it was an idle daydreamor a hallucination or what, but I couldn't imagine how it could have actuallyhappened. Personal speculation notwithstanding, the entire experience and allthe circumstantial evidence involved therein made it seem so utterly, vividlyreal. I was hitching the Coquihalla Highway up to Kamloops to connect with theTrans-Canada Highway. I'd managed to catch a ride to Hope and had beendropped off there. It was midmorning, and in spite of it being summerholidays there was very little traffic. The odd car whizzed by, but noneshowed any sign of stopping. I continued walking along the highway. Moments later something prompted me to turn and look back again. I couldsee a car coming, but it seemed like it was moving at an incredible speed. Istuck out my thumb anyways. I started to notice something strange about the car. My eyesight wasquite keen, considerably more so than average. That also made my eyes moresensitive, so it was sort of a trade-off in bright sunlight like today's.Even shielding my eyes with my hand didn't help me. I couldn't quite see thedetails; the only thing I'd managed to discern about the oncoming vehicle wasthat it was jet black. My next impression about it was that it wasn'ttouching the ground. I Preteen Model Pics chuckled to myself. Of course it had to be touching the ground. "Ofcourse it's touching the ground, goofball," I told myself out loud, more forthe sake of hearing my voice than for self-reassurance. As the black vehicle hurtled closer, the illusion didn't dissipate,persisting like an relentless mirage. It also looked something like a conceptcar, almost like a highly rounded shape. From the speed it was moving, Ididn't think it could be anything but that. I diffidently dropped my arm asit virtually flew closer, nervously thinking that someone was probablyconducting a speed test of some kind. Whoever it was looked like his car wasalmost breaking the sound barrier. It flew past me and seemed to turn, its shape too much of a blur for meto see any detail. It spun around and went flying down the road backwards,seeming to decelerate. It came back, slowly coming to a stop near me, turningso its nose end was once more pointing in the direction the vehicle hadoriginally been heading in. It slowly settled from about a meter above theground to within about ten or twenty centimeters from the asphalt. It was like no car I'd ever seen. I crouched down and looked underneathit. There weren't even any wheels. It looked like a great black teardrop, itsfront flattened slightly where I'd otherwise imagine a windshield should beon a normal car. Its nose seemed to be slightly pointed, as though to make itmore streamlined. Its back end seemed to be flattened slightly, tapering to astraight-edged "tail". The entire object seemed to be about the same size asan Preteen Model Pics average-sized car. I was still studying its underside, attempting to seehow the thing kept up in the air, when a voice sounded, "Need a ride?" I looked up and just about fell backwards into the ditch. Steadyingmyself in the grass, I noticed that the top half of the "teardrop" shapewasn't there any more, leaving only what looked like a solid black windscreenat the front. The source of the voice was a man who looked to be in his mid-to late twenties, perhaps about my age or a little older. He looked tall andhad an odd atmosphere of strength about him, though he didn't lookparticularly powerfully built. He had dark hair sweeping from one side of hishead to eye-level bangs as well as dark, shoulder-length hair in the back.His eyes blazed bright blue and his clothes were of some sort of blackmaterial that almost looked like leather but weren't quite the same. Hisjacket, which was the only thing he was wearing above the waist, was openedhalfway down his fairly well-defined chest. His pants seemed just slightlycloser to his skin than the hair on his legs might have been, and his shoes(or were they boots?) were indistinct from his pants at first glance. He wassitting upright astride a sort of seat that extended along the entire lengthof the vehicle, making it resemble a ski-doo in that respect. There was asort of shelf or footrest upon which one foot was planted, but the legnearest me was braced on the ground. "Need a ride?" he repeated his offer,smiling quite congenially. His repeated question startled me back into reality. Shock or no shock tosee such a sight, he was quite a bit more of a sight. Forcing myself backslightly, I looked both ways to see if a vehicle was on its way. In thedistance from which he had blazed, I could see what looked like a morenormal-looking vehicle, perhaps a motorhome judging from the size and shape."Thanks," I replied nervously, "but I'm going to wait." He laughed slightly to himself. "You're screwed if you wait here. Thechances of getting a ride to Kamloops on this highway are just slightlygreater than your being able to jump from here to the moon." I didn't know if he was trying to make me relax or if he was having alaugh at my expense. I forced a smile, remembering that someone had told methe Coquihalla was a difficult highway to hitch a ride on. Then again, Ilived in the prairies, so what did I know about hitchhiking this highway. "Oh, relax," he said, his voice seeming to calm me down. "Hop on," heinvited. I did so cautiously, but not before placing a hand on the vehicle's outershell. It felt smooth, which wasn't surprising for a vehicle which neededstreamlining. It also felt very slippery without feeling at all wet. It feltalmost frictionless. The strangest thing about it was that it felt cool, inspite of the fact that it had been moving very fast and should have had quitea bit of air friction against it. "Strange construction," I remarked as Isettled on to the seat. "Not really," he explained enigmatically. He had both his legs tucked upinto the vehicle and he was leaning forward. He had a nice shape to his torsofrom behind. He turned his head and patted his right side, saying, "Tuck inyour legs, duck your head, and hold on." My eyes went wide, suddenly a little nervous about what was going tohappen. I did as he told, holding on to his waist and crouching down againsthis back as much as I could. A short pause was followed by a soft beeping tone. "Slide forwards," hesaid. "You're too far back. I can't initialize the overshield." I was completely confused by his terminology, but I complied. After all,I would be able to slide closer to his body. I did Preteen Model Pics so gladly. A moment later I heard an odd, short sound somewhere between a squealingand a popping sound, and noticed that I was suddenly enclosed in black. Itsurprised me and although I'm not really claustrophobic, I tended to haveclaustrophobic-like reactions every now and then. I started to feel as thoughI were suffocating. "Relax," he assured me again, pressing a few buttons or controls in frontof him on what looked like a control console of some kind. The blackenclosing me started to fade into visibility from front to back, startinglike a grainy computer image and resolving into the scenic Coquihalla aroundus. It was like looking through a lightly-tinted window. The inside of thething was quite roomy, just like an average car would be but narrower."What is this thing?" I asked."Concept vehicle," he replied simply, as he Preteen Model Pics began pressing more buttonsor contacts on the control console."Why does it float above the ground? Antigravity?"Beep beep-beep-beep. "Ever heard of hypercharge?""It sounds familiar.""Fundamental force of the universe. Basically limited-range antigravity.That's why I have to follow roads, or at least fairly level ground. With astronger power source I could go pretty much anywhere, but..." Beep-beep."What power source do you use?""An alternate form of fusion.""I thought we didn't have that yet." He half-turned his head to one side and smiled. "That's what some wouldhave the general public believe.""Hm. How does it move?""You know how a maglev works?""Yeah. It propels itself along a rail of magnets of alternating polarityby using a constantly Preteen Model Pics shifting magnetic field." He smiled back at me. "You know your stuff. But obviously, this doesn'tfollow a rail. Instead, it uses the earth's magnetic field.""What!? Where did you get this technology?" Beep-beep. He looked back at me over his shoulder again, smiling wryly."Let's just say I'm a test driver. Anything else you should considerclassified." Beep-beep-beep."Then why are you letting me ride with you? What's to keep me fromblabbing about this?" He looked back again, his face showing honest amusement and no hiddenhostility. "Who'd believe you?" he grinned.I had to laugh. "Good point.""Ready to go?""Sure.""Where are you headed?""East Coast, eventually."He chuckled slightly. "I can handle that." Just then the vehicle lifted higher off the ground and started to moveforward. I could barely feel the acceleration at all, but well within half aminute we were moving at an extremely high velocity, dipping and diving alongthe road, following the curves and hills and dips with incredible ease."How does it do this?" I asked, almost breathless from the speed."It's all automated," he said. "It steers itself.""How fast are we going?"He looked at a display. "Five hundred kilometers an hour.""And it won't crash?" I asked, a little anxious. He chuckled again. "It's got reflexes that make human reflexes seemimmobile by comparison. It won't budge by even a centimeter either way from ameter above the roadway, within reason. If not straying from a meter abovethe road will give a bumpy ride, it allows for greater variance to elevationabove the road.""Wow," I exclaimed. My curiosity somewhat satisfied with the vehicle, Iturned my attention to him. There was a sort of odd warmth radiating from allover his body. I couldn't quite tell what it was; it seemed to be more thanjust body heat could account for."It's because inside here is temperature-controlled," he said. "That'swhy I seem warmer than normal."My eyes went wide. How could he know what I was thinking, unless --He looked back at me again, smiling more broadly than normal. "It is whatyou suspect, you know," he said."But how --" I began."It doesn't matter," his voice assured me. Somehow he seemed to makesense. He turned back to the controls. I suddenly felt a pang of fear. If he really could sense my feelings orthoughts or whatever, then he would know my original reactions to hisphysical appearance. I tried to keep all trace of those thoughts out of mymind. It seemed to be working, until he began turning back to me. I noticed theseat was melting away into a single, soft, flat, bed-like surface of somekind. The console melted into a soft, featureless, reclining angle. He turnedover on his side and looked at me as I sat back as much as I could. "I couldsense your mind from several kilometers away," he said, his smile once moreconcealing nothing more than amusement. "And you're not hiding your thoughtsnow, you're blaring them out." His hand reached out and raked his fingernailsalong my thigh, which made me gasp. He reached up and touched a finger to my forehead and my body seemed totingle from head to foot. My perception of what I thought reality was seemedto be wavering. I was suddenly lying on the the flat, soft surface beside him, our armsaround each other, our mouths pressed together in passion. I didn't remembergetting from my kneeling position to here, but I didn't care. I seemed to bewatching details like that as a detached observer, while being whollyinvolved in what was going on otherwise. The scenery around us was a field of stars streaking past, looking oddlylike something out of Star Trek. I was being assaulted by new sensations, notonly to my body but to my other senses as well. I could almost see strangethings with my mind. Now it was just the two of us, him on top of me, with nothing around butstars and planets flying past. I could somehow read his thoughts, as I knewhe could read my thoughts. It wasn't so much thoughts as it was sensations,emotions, feelings. I could sense and feel everything he was feeling, and Iknew he was also sharing my feelings and emotions as well as his physicalsenses. The vehicle was suddenly back around us, a grainy projection of theplanet's scenery flying past us again. My clothes were off and lyingsomewhere, but he still had his on. I knew I was fully erect, yet I couldalso feel restricted by clothing at the same time. I knew the restriction waswhat he was feeling, especially with his skin-tight pants. The doubled effectof two bodies full of hormones we were both feeling was immeasurably potent.Our two bodies rubbed together, creating incredible levels of heat betweenus. I could feel the restriction of his clothing easing slowly, though hisarms were still around me and our tongues still explored the other person'smouth. Suddenly he was also without clothing, our bodies pressing together inindescribable heat, our entire selves entirely unrestricted. Our minds hadlinked together, each body remaining a separate entity which the singlejoined mind could direct the other body to pleasure. Rivers of tinglingeroticism ran down our bodies in raging floods, overloading our nerveendings. Our pricks pressed against the other's body, driving the arousallevel even further as it was magnified by two entities combining into one. Our minds giving each body the sensations of both bodies combined, thenext thing I knew he was sliding his hot body down around my shaft, just as Iwas sliding my own body down around his. We stroked slowly Preteen Model Pics in and out of eachother, not knowing who was really buried inside whom. In and out; in and out.The rhythm was slow and gentle, as each of us strained and flexed our bodiesagainst the other in rising sexual Preteen Model Pics energy levels. The sensations sent shiversthroughout our bodies, since as far as our nervous systems were concernedeach of us was not only fucking the other but were also getting fucked by theother at the same time. The heat from just one of our bodies alone around theother's rock-hard prick was more than enough to push the hormonal levels highenough for climax, Preteen Model Pics but when we reached the point we thought we should peakat, our bodies just kept climbing higher. Hormonal levels between usescalated until they were virtually a thick, palpable presence in the airaround us. Time abruptly slowed, virtually to a standstill. It took what seemed likehours to pass through what normally took perhaps five seconds. Ever soslowly, as though in a running dream where our legs couldn't move, our bodiesbegan to breathe even harder, making furious attempts to keep air in ourlungs. From what I could sense he was riding my shaft slowly yet firmly whilekeeping me pushed down on the bed-like surface, but I could also feel myselfin that position, holding him down while sliding my own body up and downaround his prick. Overloaded with pure sensation, our bodies began to let goof our tenuous grasp on arousal. The hormones shot sky-high as it seemed ourbodies almost froze in total euphoria. At the last possible moment, when itseemed we could go no higher, an incredible spike of sensation ripped throughus, a thousand times stronger than any previously remembered sensation. Asharp, fire-like sensation seemed to bolt from shoulder to mid-chest. Twosets of lungs began to force air through unwilling throats, emitting low,guttural moans. We hovered at that incredible high Preteen Model Pics for Preteen Model Pics what seemed like aneternity within eternities before rocketing straight down, falling andfalling as our bodies released our pent-up energies. A distant yet stillincredibly powerful physical sensation registered as our hot cum explodedfrom our bodies into each other and onto each other, and we kept falling andfalling and falling, faster and faster for what seemed like countlesseternities. Preteen Model Pics The fall deepened into blackness, and our minds finally seemed tobe separating our essences into individual entities as blackness consumed us,totally and finally. * * * * I awoke in a hotel room, bolt upright, still fully clothed. Thedisorientation lasted for about ten Preteen Model Pics seconds, which was about ten seconds toolong for my liking. When my head cleared, I grabbed the remote and turned onthe TV. Evening news blared out. It took a few minutes for them to tell methe date was still the same; I hadn't been in a coma or anything strange likethat. Yet a large chunk of a single day was unaccounted for in my personalmemory, and I was now in Toronto. I didn't know how I got here; I didn't know how I'd checked in to thehotel. The only memories I had from the previous few hours were from anexperience my mind insisted couldn't possibly have happened, just because itwas so fantastic and so surrealistic. I scratched at my chest; something was making it itchy. I reached upunder my shirt and sweater and felt something scaling on my stomach, likedead skin. I knew it was dried cum. Under my clothes? Odd."Must have been jerking off earlier," I told myself out loud, notbothering to wonder why I didn't remember doing it. I strode into thebathroom and pulled off my clothes, getting ready to jump into the showerwhen something in the mirror caught my eye. I looked; there it was, Preteen Model Pics in plain sight. A cut, or more like a gash, frommy left shoulder to just below my left pectoral muscle, near the middle of mychest. It wasn't scabbed over, but it wasn't bleeding either. It looked likeit had been made that day. Small enough for a fingernail to have made, werethe fingernail long enough. It was flanked by two light red lines, one oneither side of the gash, like claw marks. A half-remembered burning sensationcame back to mind, just briefly. Preteen Model Pics My eyes went wide, my mind not sure whetheror not to believe what I saw. Had it really happened? Just then I felt overcome by a wave of dizziness. I leaned back againstthe wall and put my hand Preteen Model Pics to my forehead. I started hearing strange sounds.From the midst of the sounds came what may have been a half-remembered,somewhat ghostly voice which seemed to whisper thin sounds to me. I couldn'tquite hear what it was saying. It almost seemed to be echoing, very quietly,from within a gigantic hall. Then, just as soon as it had hit, the wave ofdizziness was gone, leaving me even more confused than before."Fuck," I breathed, "I must have hit my head on something. I should stayhere tonight." I knew I wouldn't be sitting still that night; I couldn't possibly haveheard anything, but my curiosity was extraordinarily high. I had to go out.Something was drawing me out, I knew not what. * * * * After my shower, I slipped into a fairly slim pair of jeans. I alsodecided to put on a muscle shirt which would reveal the top of the scratch onmy shoulder. I don't know what possessed me to do that; it was just a strangeimpulse. Once satisfied with my appearance, I slipped into a jean jacket anddecided to call a cab. When he arrived I asked him to take me to a gay bar;any one would do. He wanted to know which one, so I asked him for a fewnames. I picked one at random and we were on our way. As I walked inside, it was like a typical bar: loud, somewhat crowded,but surprisingly it wasn't very smoky at all. I wandered around for a bit,checking out what was going on. Something caught my attention, somehow without catching my eye. I turnedto see a very familiar figure standing not far away from me, wearing tightblack jeans, black leather jacket open to halfway down revealing a nicelydefined chest -- and what looked like the beginning of a scratch down hisleft shoulder, disappearing under his jacket. His eyes were firmly on mine,curiosity ablaze in their bright blue depths. We moved slowly to each other."Are you who I think you are?" I asked him when we met."I'm not sure," he replied tentatively. He looked at the scratch on mychest. "I don't believe it," he said, shaking his head. "How'd you get that?" I pulled the flap of his jacket aside, revealing more of a Preteen Model Pics scratch. "Ithink it might have been the same way you got that," I replied. I placed the nail of my right-hand ring finger on the top of the scratchon his left shoulder, noting that the end of my nail meshed with a sort ofnotch dug into his skin. Matching my every move, as though it had beencarefully choreographed, he placed his right ring finger on my left shoulder,noting that his nail fit at the top of the scratch."How is this possible?" he asked, his calm exterior surprisingly onlybetraying slight nervousness. I drew my finger back, scrutinizing it. I looked up at him and spread myhands Preteen Model Pics with a slight shrug of the shoulders. He just shook his head, a disbelieving smile crossing his face. His smileturned friendly as his eyes buried themselves deeply into mine once more. I returned the look. "You ride a bike, don't you." It was more of astatement, more of an accusation than a question. I knew what his answer waseven before he gave it. He nodded. "You're hitching around the country." He echoed my tone,knowing what my answer was in advance. I just nodded. We stared into each other's eyes, almost recognizingsomething of what had transpired earlier, yet barely able to detect thesensations. Something else seemed to be happening; faint echos of words,memories, sensations, images, ideas, thoughts -- Thoughts. I suddenlyrealized we'd had our little conversation without speaking out loud. We'dbarely moved our mouths. We probably wouldn't have heard each other even ifwe were three feet apart in a quiet room. My eyes went wide with shock, andnot without a little pang of fear. He broke into a devious grin. "Relax," he shouted to me over the music."I felt it too." He paused a moment, almost unsure as to how to go on.Finally he leaned over to me and said, "You want to go somewhere and see howwell we really do know each other?" I smiled back. "I fully intend to find out who could make me do somethinglike that," I shouted back to Preteen Model Pics him, indicating the line clawed into his flesh. Needless to say, my sightseeing plans were immediately derailed, though Ihad no complaints. We managed to recreate much of our long-distanceencounter, and after convincing each other (very, very thoroughly) that wedid know each other quite well, plans for Hitchhiker and Dream Rider to movein together were well underway. The irony of Preteen Model Pics it all was, neither one of us ever did speak of how we'dreally met.----------------------------------------------------------------------------To find out more about the anon service, send mail to helpanon.penet.fi.If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* anonymizedand you are allocated an anon id. Read the help file to prevent this.Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to adminanon.penet.fi.
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